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Sales Analysis - Swift Dzire Rules While Xcent, City Sell Strongly

By   |   11 June,2014

During the month of May 2014, the vehicle that sold in highest numbers was the Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire. This top spot was usually held by hatchbacks such as the Maruti Suzuki Alto which, incidentally, has been bumped down to 3rd place for the first time in its 20+ year history.

This could well be indicating an emerging trend in India where customers are paying more for their cars. In May, the Swift Dzire sold an astonishing 18,953 units. The Swift hatchback took the 2nd place by having sold 17,936 units, a difference of over 1000 cars. The gulf between that and the Maruti Suzuki Alto is even wider, with the Alto having managed to sell 17,311 units.

A couple of other extremely well selling vehicles are the new Honda City and the Hyundai Xcent. The all new City sold 7,216 units last month and the Xcent notched up 7,792 vehicles. Honda and Hyundai seem to be playing a game of leapfrog with each other as the new City has surpassed the Verna in terms of sales and the Xcent has overtaken the Amaze.

The compact sedan segment is one section of the Indian automotive market that is undoubtedly witnessing a booming growth and with more vehicles in the pipeline like the Tata Zest, the action will not be subsiding any time soon.

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