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The fastest Jaguar ever- F Type Project 7 to be made

By Nitesh Sharma   |   25 June,2014

Jaguar has confirmed the debut of their fastest car ever produced, F Type Project 7 at Goodwill Festival of Speed. Jaguar will only produce 250 units of this car with deliveries to customers starting from mid 2015. This two seater roadster seems to be inspired from the D-Type racer especially when seen from the front. F-Type 7 is built with extremely light and dynamic all aluminum body which keeps its weight under check and offers brilliant stability and performance.

Jaguar will implant a 5.0L V8 supercharged petrol engine in this car which enables it to sprint from 0-100km/hr in 3.9 seconds. This is the same engine as seen in the F-Type coupe but Jaguar has increased the power output of this engine to further enhance the performance and refinement.

The power and torque output of 567 bhp and 680Nm respectively is the reason behind the spectacular performance of this V8 engine. This engine comes mated with Jaguar’s eight speed Quickshift Transmission and second generation Electronic Active Differential. The power is supplied to the rear wheels of this car and it comes with an electronically controlled speed of 300km/hr.

The new Jaguar F- Type 7 rides on 20 inches wheels and will feature a stowable roof and 196litres of boot capacity. Apart from all the comfort features that you will enjoy in this car, it will also come standard with Carbon Ceramic Matrix Brakes offering fade free braking, Torque Vectoring by Braking working with EAD to give you precise and controlled handling.

Be-spoke aerodynamic aids, advanced self leveling suspension, Dynamic Stability Control and Adaptive Dynamic system further contributes to the engaging, prompting performance of this car around corners and also improves its straight line stability. The car will debut tomorrow in UK’s renowned motor show on the 60th anniversary of Jaguar D-type racer which has been an inspiration for this car.

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