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Exclusive! Renault Duster 4x4 Automatic Launch Later This Year

By   |   25 June,2014

Renault will launch the 4x4 version of its Duster SUV later this year around November time. It is no secret that for a long time many have been waiting for the Duster 4x4 and it seems finally in a few months time they will get that. However what we hear is that the 4x4 variant will come with an automatic gearbox also. Currently in Russia there is a Duster 4x4 with an automatic gearbox on sale and in India an automatic will only broaden the appeal of the Duster.

That means the Renault Duster 4x4 with the automatic gearbox will be more expensive than the current Duster range but there will be a lot of takers for this new variant. In the Duster 4x4 it has a ground clearance of 210 mm and the 4x4 control lies in the centre console.

There are various modes for example in 4x2 mode the transmission is locked into two-wheel drive while in Auto mode, torque is split between front and rear axles automatically on the basis of actual grip conditions, up to 50 % on the rear axles.

So the 4x4 Duster will make this SUV even more popular than before.

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