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First Look Of Production Version of Toyota FCV sedan

By Nitesh Sharma   |   26 June,2014

Last year at Tokyo Motor show, Toyota displayed the concept of FCV sedan powered by hydrogen. Now, Toyota has come up with the production version of this car which surprisingly has retained the styling cues similar to its concept. The vertically placed massive air-intakes with integrated long stripes of light on either side of front bumper and wide air-dam gives this car a unique face identity. It's a full size sedan measuring around 4.8m in length, 1.8m in width and 1.5m tall. FCV comes with an impressive wheelbase of 2.78m.

This four seater sedan uses fuel cell stack which has a power density of 3Kw/L which is more than the battery packs of Li-On. Toyota has managed to shrunk down the size of electric motors thanks to the increased voltage.
In early 2015, Toyota will initially sell this sedan in specific areas of Japan where hydrogen refilling is available.

This car can cover a stretch of around 700kms at one go and will take around 3minutes to get re-fueled.
The electricity will be generated by the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen resulting into omission of water vapors. Officially, Toyota has not revealed the technical specifications of this car.

The car will reach the US and European markets later in 2015. The approximate value of this car in Japan is 7 million Yen which is around INR 41.33 lakhs. Certainly, cars like these are not considered for car markets such as ours. Let's wait to see how long would it take for such cars and technologies to reach our market.

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