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Top 5 Fuel Efficient Cars in India

By   |   30 June,2014

Honda City

This new 2014 version of the Honda City was, by far, one of the most eagerly awaited cars of this year and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The diesel variant of the new City was equipped with Honda’s 1.5 litre, 98.6 bhp i-DTEC engine and its party piece was the astonishing ARAI-certified fuel economy figure of 26 kpl. This is quite literally music to ears of the Indian car customer.

Honda Amaze

Hondas are known for their reliable and frugal vehicles. To prove the point, the second-most fuel efficient vehicle in India is also a Honda – the Amaze. This car generated huge amounts of hype due to 2 facts – it was Honda’s first compact sedan and more importantly, it was Honda’s first diesel-powered vehicle in India, having the same 1.5 litre diesel engine as the City. Boasting of a genuinely impressive ARAI-certified 25.8 kpl, the Honda Amaze was an instant success here.

Chevrolet Beat

The Beat, with its extremely funky looks, futuristic interiors and tiny but fun to drive engine, is engineered purely as an urban runabout. Thanks to its 936 cc, 58 bhp diesel engine, it comes in third in our list of frugal cars with an ARAI-certified mileage of 25.44 kpl. While its performance may not be stellar on highways, the Chevrolet Beat is very nippy and great fun to drive on crowded city roads.

Tata Nano Twist

If a petrol car can be featured in a list of fuel efficient vehicles, then it must have a tiny engine and weigh as much as a feather. So it’s no surprise when we tell you that the Tata Nano Twist has a 624 cc, 37 bhp petrol engine and weighs just over 600 kg. This results in an ARAI-certified fuel efficiency of 25.4 kpl, very impressive keeping in mind that this car runs on petrol. With its relatively comfortable interiors, decent list of features and low price tag, the Nano Twist offers 4 wheeled transportation to the masses.

Ford Fiesta

Ford, after having made a lot of additions and corrections to their Fiesta, have re-launched it in India a short while back. We test drove this car and found it be very high on features, quite comfortable and overall, a good all rounder. But Ford is pitching one aspect of this car more than any other; its mileage, and not without good reason. An ARAI-rated figure of 25.01 kpl from its 1.5 litre, 90 bhp diesel motor is just the icing on the cake when it comes to the new Ford Fiesta.

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