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Nissan Sells 4362 Cars in June

By   |   02 July,2014

Nissan today reported a positive sales growth in India of 4,362 vehicles in June, an increase of 48% versus 2,949 units sold during the same month a year earlier. The new Datsun Go hatchback contributed 1,097 units, taking overall Datsun sales in India to 5,780 in the first quarter of FY14.

The number of vehicles sold by the Nissan Group for the entire duration of the Financial Year of 2014 up until now stands at 14,684 units. This, in comparison with the 6,268 vehicles sold during the same time frame in the Financial Year of 2013 is a huge leap of 8,416 vehicles. Statistically, the difference represents a massive growth of 134%.

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