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Things You Need to Know About the Audi A3 Sedan

By   |   11 July,2014

The Audi A3 was introduced to India at the Indian Auto Expo held earlier this year at Greater Noida. There is very good reason to expect this car to be a runaway success the moment it puts its rubber on our roads. The A3 will be the least expensive route to gain entry into the Four Ringed club and even better, it will not be all that much more expensive than the Mercedes-Benz A-Class and BMW 1 Series hatchbacks.


The new A3 is an Audi through and through. It blends the qualities of looking cool and sophisticated the way only an Audi does. Sharp straight lines, chiselled front bumper, headlamp clusters reminiscent of the bigger Audi A6, classy alloys and ultra cool blade-shaped taillights all come together to make the A3 a beautiful piece of design. If you spot this car even from the corner of your eye, there’ll be no mistaking it for anything else.


The list of features is rather impressive – the new Audi A3 gets a 7 inch LCD screen that rises out of the centre of the dashboard, Audi’s Multimedia Interface (MMI), a sunroof, satellite navigation, bluetooth telephony, cruise control and more. Even the glove compartment is lined with felt! The dashboard does look a little sparse but the air vents are designed to look like a jet engine’s exhaust. And as is widely known, jet engines (and it’s well executed look-alikes) are very cool!


Despite this being the least expensive Audi that will be on offer in India, the company has made sure to not scrimp on something that Audis have always been respected for – fantastic build quality. The A3 is noticeably smaller than the Audi A4 and as a result, the rear of the car isn’t as roomy as the bigger Audis. However, the seats are very comfortable and there’s plenty of storage space to keep all your clutter!


Customers intending to buy the Audi A3 will have 2 engine options. The first is a 1.8 litre, 4 cylinder, TFSI petrol engine that develops 177 bhp. The alternative for the less performance-minded, more economy-oriented buyer is the 2.0 litre, 4 cylinder, turbocharged diesel engine that puts out 148 bhp. Routing power from the engines to the wheels is done by a 7 speed, S-tronic, dual clutch automatic transmission.

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