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September World Premiere for Jaguar XE

By Nitesh Sharma   |   16 July,2014

Jaguar has confirmed that they will showcase the all new XE on 8th September in London. With this announcement, Jaguar has also revealed the technology package of the new XE. The new XE promises to be a super saloon with class leading handling and driving dynamics.

New XE is based on a complete new All aluminum platform which keeps its weight low in order to give outstanding performance and stability at all speeds and on terrains. The handling of this car will be one of its key characteristics as Jaguar promotes it as a driver's car giving great feel and response behind the wheels. To deliver this feel, XE will debut with first in class the latest generation of Electric Power Assisted Steering Wheel which will be also seen for the first time in any Jaguar.

XE is incorporated with double wishbone suspension system at front which is based on the F-TYPE Sportscar and with Integral Link suspension at the back. This suspension system together uses many Aluminium components which not only help reducing the weight of the vehicle but also provides it required stiffness around corners which translates into better steering feel and accurate steering responses.

 The agility of the car will be commendable thanks to the superb combination of electric steering wheel and advanced suspension system. Apart from this, XE will also feature first in class All Surface Progress Control to give it sufficient amount of traction even on the most slippery terrains. Unlike, other rear wheel cars, there will be certain difference in ride quality of XE due to this ASPC which works as a low speed cruise control and keeps the car under control.

These are just the glimpses of what Jaguar has planned for its upcoming car. Technologies, features and advanced body structure will be explained further in detail after its official launch. It goes without saying that the XE will be a crucial launch for Jaguar in India also.

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