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New Mahindra Scorpio vs XUV500 vs Safari Storme: Specification comparison

  24 September,2014

A few hours ago, Mahindra launched the new Scorpio at a base price of Rs 7.89 lakhs, effectively undercutting the Tata Safari Storme by about two lakhs and the Mahindra XUV500 by a whole three lakhs. It's understandable that the XUV500 isn't from the same segment as the Scorpio, and the Safari isn't positioned directly against the latter. But with the added features and the improvement that Mahindra has made over the previous model, the Scorpio looks like a better proposition, even in comparison with vehicles placed priced higher. Let's have a look at what the new Scorpio offers!


In terms of external appearance, the XUV500 is the most popular among the three. The SUV stance helps, but the presence of character lines and curved bulged surfaces help. The front-end is aggressive thanks in part to the LED DRLs, and that appeals to most buyers. The sides aren't bland, and even the rear has a lot of distinguishable design elements.

If we talk about the Safari Storme, it's easily the most understate of the three. Tata tried to stick close to the original Safari design, and that works well. The Storme look smart, but it's certainly not the one for you, if you want your SUV to be the most stylish among its peers.

The freshest among the three is the Scorpio. The overall shape is the same as the original Scorpio, but it gets a very aggressive-looking front end. The sides are bland in comparison, while the rear might not be able to keep its novelty for a very long time. The front is easily the most aggressive and likable part of the new design.

As time passes, the Scorpio might fall short in comparison to the XUV500, but the butch styling is more pronounced than on the Safari Storme.


It's again a similar story on the inside as well. The XUV500 has managed to win a lot of hearts, thanks to its new age interior, the presence of ambient lighting, and a plush-looking cabin.

The Safari Storme, on the other hand, is a leap in quality, in comparison to both the old Safari and the Scorpio. It looks very decent, and has a lot of room inside. To top it all, the Safari's light coloured interior can win you over too.

But the new Scorpio, being the youngest of the lot has a lot going for it. The interior design is new, the air-conditioning vents have been changed, and the ergonomics are better than before. The addition of a GPS-equipped touchscreen entertainment system and a new instrument cluster are the main positives.


Tata Motors uses a 2.2-litre diesel engine in the Safari Storme, and the two Mahindras also get their power from an equally big (2.2-litre) engines, albeit with different power ratings for the Scorpio and the XUV.

But what works in the favour of Mahindra Scorpio is the inclusion of a new gearbox. Mahindra says the new 'box (along with new clutch system) has an improved efficiency. The 4WD system also boasts shift-on-fly now, and the chassis too is new. The new chassis and suspension column promise to make the Scorpio a much better vehicle than it was. XUV500 and Storme aren't the best of handlers, either.


The Scorpio starts at Rs 7.89 lakh for the base version, but that loses out on Mahindra's CRDe power plant, hence making the comparison useless. The other versions (S4 onwards) get this engine, but that increases the price to Rs 8.6 lakh. That's about a lakh cheaper than the Safari Storme and almost two cheaper than the XUV500.

As an overall package, the Scorpio looks promising, a little more than before. The Safari Storme might suit those who like its almost-understated styling, while the XUV500 is, even now, the most opulent among the three.

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