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BMW Experience Tour hits Bangalore

  16 October,2014

Imagine you are a premium automobile manufacturer and you have a decent line-up of products that interests both customers and enthusiasts alike, but how would you take it to the next level? Customer engagement is one thing, and that's what BMW achieves with its Experience Tour, like the one that just occurred in Bangalore.

The garden city of India was the ninth destination of the BMW Experience Tour, 2014. The car maker showcased its range of saloons and Sports Activity Vehicles (yes, that's what BMW likes to call its SUVs), and demonstrated how dynamically sound these vehicles are by driving them around a test course.

Through programs like these, not only BMW's existing and prospective customers but also enthusiastic fans get to experience BMW vehicles first hand. Driving swiftly around a tight course full of hairpins and loose soil showcased the agility of the cars, while ramps and articulation tests help in understanding the capabilities of the SAVs.

A total of 12 cities are planned to be a part of the BMW Experience Tour this year and with 9 done already, next on the list are Kochi in Kerala, Lucknow in UP and Kolkata in West Bengal.

About the Experience Tour, BMW India's President Philipp von Sahr commented, "With the BMW Experience Tour, BMW Group India is happy to give customers an opportunity to experience the exhilarating superiority of the BMW cars in a challenging and exciting environment. This is one of a kind event being organized at such a scale in India. With this unique initiative, we wish to take a step closer to our customers and bring as many customers to the BMW fold and make them experience BMW and Sheer Driving Pleasure."

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