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New Mercedes-Benz C-Class will Launch on Nov 25

By   |   03 November,2014

German luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz has been launching car after car in the Indian automobile market and it seems like they have no intention of halting. The company officially released a confirmation that the new C-Class will be launched in India on the 25th of November of this year.

The C-Class was, till now, the least expensive way to gain entry to the Mercedes-Benz ownership club. However, early next year, the new CLA will be released and positioned below the Mercedes-Benz C-Class. The new C-Class will be built on a new platform called the lightweight modular rear drive MRA (Mercedes rear drive architecture).

This new sedan will have the option of both petrol and diesel engines but at first, only the petrol engine will be available for customers. This car is longer, wider and lower than its predecessor and the wheelbase has been increased by 80mm as well, which will translate to more space on the inside. From the front, this car has a very noticeable similarity to the bigger Mercedes-Benz S-Class and that is no bad thing.

The car will be loaded with several more features than the outgoing model and the quality of the interiors seems to have gone up significantly as well. From the picture, how much more luxurious it is become is very apparent. New kit will include attention assist, autonomous driving at low speeds, a new parking assist system, lane keeping and steering assistance and more.

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