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Mercedes-Benz Unveils G-Code Crossover

By   |   04 November,2014

German vehicle manufacturer Mercedes-Benz has revealed a concept for a compact crossover that will be smaller than the GLA. This car is called the G-Code and it has one attribute above all that makes it extremely fascinating ——— it runs on hydrogen.

The paint on the car———s body is multi voltaic, meaning that it can generate electricity from both sunlight and the wind passing over the car while moving. Even the suspension has been given multitasking duties. The G-Code features power-on-the-move-suspension that converts the energy from the compression and rebounds of the shock absorbers into electricity. This obsession with eco-friendliness also means that the headlamp and tail lamp clusters are LED units.

The oxygen produced during hydrogen synthesis is also used by the air conditioning system so that the car———s occupants get clean air to breathe no matter how bad the air quality is outside. Instead of rear view mirrors, the car gets two rear-facing cameras mounted on the A-pillars using retractable arms. Depending on how calmly or aggressively one drives this car, the front grille gets backlit in either blue, purple or red.

Underneath the boot, there are 2 electric scooters that get recharged while driving the car. Power from the engine will be channelled via a double clutch, automatic transmission and a 4 wheel drive system. Mercedes-Benz has already stated ahead of its preview at the Los Angeles Motor Show next month that this SUV will remain a concept and not be put into mass production.

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