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New Teaser of Audi A9 Concept Released

By   |   05 November,2014

Audi has been baiting us with tiny glimpses of their latest concept, the A9, and they have released the newest one yet. This teaser is a video and it shows flashes of what the A9 concept will look like ahead of its big unveil at the 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show.

Reports state that the Audi A9 will be released in 2017 and have a 4.0 litre, twin turbocharged V8 engine that belts out a whopping 600 hp but, there is no confirmation for these stats as of yet. The A9 concept car will have the covers pulled off of it at the upcoming 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show in the USA on the 18th of November.

The video shows Audi———s new head of design, Marc Lichte, walking around a car covered by a cloth. This vehicle is his very first project at Audi and he mentions drawing styling inspiration for the A9 from cars like the Audi Quattro, TT Coupe and the first gen Audi A8 sedan. The cloth cover is pulled off and the video fades to black in an instant but not before we see most of the outline of the car surprisingly clearly. There is also a point in the video where a part of the cover is moved to show the stunning alloy wheels of the A9. Wish November 18 could get here sooner!

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