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Top 5 things you need to know about new Maruti Alto K10

  06 November,2014

New look:

While the previous Alto K10 was based on the erstwhile Alto, the new one flaunts an exterior similar to that of the new Alto 800. That effectively completes the new look Alto family. The whole exercise of revamping the exterior design has certainly made the car look premium, mature, and not to forget, fresher especially when compared to the previous car.

Better interior:

It's no secret that the Indian customer has started to expect more from his car, and good looking interior is almost a prerequisite for a successful car. The new Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 has a new dashboard design which should help it stand neck to neck with the competition. The space isn't too bad, either. The dual-tone scheme keeps it interesting, and the airy cabin won't subject you to claustrophobia. An in-car audio system complete with the usual USB, Aux, Radio, and CD playing capabilities is also available. The glossy black finish on its fascia, and the silver buttons go well with the silver accents elsewhere.

Punchy yet fuel efficient engine:

Yes, the K10 engine is a very potent unit. Being a small capacity, naturally aspirated engine, you might expect it to disappoint the enthusiasts, but given that the Alto is a light car, the engine does its job well. In fact, it not just makes commuting interesting, it's good enough to make the weekend drives more enjoyable too. And to add to the competition's misery, the engine is rated to return about 24kmpl (under test conditions), so expect it to keep the fuel bills low. And there's a CNG version too.

Automated Manual Transmission:

It's a small car, the Alto K10, so its more at home in urban conditions - that's what it is made for. Now keeping the current traffic conditions in mind, driving an automatic gearbox equipped car should keep the stress minimum, on both you and your car. The good part about the new Alto K10 is that it's offered with an automated manual tranmission, much like the Celerio. The gearbox isn't a conventional automatic unit, so efficiency doesn't take a toll and you can always change to the manual to take control of things.

Price and variants:

The Alto K10 might be new but MSIL's nomenculature is similar to what it was a few years ago. The new Alto K10 range starts from the LX version, followed by the LXi, VXi, and VXi(O) variants. The VXi (O) sits at the top of the range with standard features like driver airbag, added body coloured bits on the outside, and keyless entry system over the goodies available on the Alto K10 VXi. It must be noted that the CNG version is only available in the LXi trim, while the AMT variant can be bought in the VXi trim only.

And the most interesting bit, the pricing. Starting at Rs 3.06 lakhs for the base variant, it's evident how competitive Maruti Suzuki can be. The top spec version will set you back by Rs 3.81 lakhs, which again is good value. The AMT variant is priced at Rs 3.8 lakhs, effectively making it the easiest way to cost-effective yet hassle-free motoring.

Words- Paranjay Dutt

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