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Safest Sedan cars below Rs 10 lakh

  12 November,2014

Much like our previous article where we talked about the safest (ones with basic safety equipment present) hatchbacks under Rs 10 lakhs, here's the second installment. This time around though we are talking about saloons/sedans. The price bracket is still the same, the criterion too is the same, and the results aren't massively different either.

Before we begin, it must also be noted that the cars mentioned here are in their base specs. The ones that didn't offer ABS and/or airbags were removed from the list.

Toyota Etios

Much like its hatchback sibling (Liva), the Etios is on our list, thanks to the recent inclusion of dual airbags on all of its variants. While the two airbags up front make the car safer, but the absence of ABS on lower variants isn't as reassuring. The car is available in both petrol and diesel versions, and offers a good amount of space, too. The ride is comfortable while the handling isn't too bad either.

Nissan Sunny

Nissan and Renault both included some sort of active safety features on the least expensive variants of their hatchbacks, and same is the case with the saloons, too. The Nissan Sunny gets a driver airbag and ABS (Antilock Braking System) on its base variant. It's a long car, so the presence of ABS should make sure that it stays in shape under hard braking.

Renault Scala

Based on the same platform as the aforementioned Nissan Sunny, the Scala too scores high in terms of standard safety tech. ABS and an airbag for the driver are present, which means the safety quotient is much about the same as that of the Sunny.

Honda City

The latest generation Honda City has garnered a good amount of sales thanks to the introduction of a diesel engine. But that's not all. Much like in the past, Honda continues to offer ABS and an airbag up front. No wonder the City has been one of the most popular cars in its segment. As a product, it offers a lot: space, refinement, comfort, and safety too.

Volkswagen Vento

Volkswagen Vento is one of the few cars to offer dual airbags (driver + passenger) on its base variant. While the version unfortunately lacks ABS, the presence of two airbags means in case of a mishap, both the driver and passenger will be protected to a good extent. Given that VW is known for making solid cars, and Polo did well (okay, better than others) in Global NCAP tests, the Vento is a very viable choice for a safe, well-made saloon in the segment.

Ford Fiesta

Recently revamped Fiesta looks classier than before, and is set to attract more eyeballs than ever. But what about the safety? Well, the basic 'Ambiente' trim is offered with a driver airbag and ABS. Since it's a diesel-only vehicle, we can't compare it against others on the basis of price alone. But if you compare it to the corresponding diesel powered saloons from other manufacturers, the Fiesta appears to be a compelling offering. And it's safe, too.

Words- Paranjay Dutt

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