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Ferrari LaFerrari spotted in India

  16 November,2014

This is not a usual news story. Heck, it is not even usual by Ferrari standards. Let us not digress. Look, there are hypercars and then there are Ferrari hypercars. We're talking about the latter here, in probably its most hyper but road-going form in the present line-up, the Ferrari LaFerrari.

Known as the successor to Enzo (the car, not the visionary behind the Italian car company), the LaFerrari is a very exciting thing. Its powered by a combination of a 6.3-litre V12 engine and an electric motor, producing a max of 950hp. It is pretty rare ——— with all of the 499 units sold already. And it is in India, too!

The Facebook page Supercars of Mumbai has shared a picture and a few videos of a LaFerrari claiming that it has been spotted in India. So has someone bought it? Well, not exactly. One of the videos shared by the page points out that it was Mr. Gautam Singhania (Raymond top boss, racedriver, and easily one of the most influential automobile enthusiast and collector in the country) inside the car.

Joining the dots, it is not very difficult riddle, this. The annual supercar parade, Parx Supercar Show, is just two months away (January 2015) and what could be a bigger way to attract crowd than showing them this highly anticipated car! So if you live in Mumbai and happen to spot one, consider yourself lucky! Enjoy its presence and get mesmerized by its noise! Words- Paranjay Dutt

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