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New Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 AMT vs Celerio

By   |   19 November,2014

It is quite evident that there is no competition for the Maruti Alto K10 AMT when it comes to its direct rivals instead the toughest rival comes from its own family namely the Celerio AMT. However there are a few factors that separate them so let us compare these two Maruti small cars. First things first let us talk about the pricing and the Alto K10 AMT is priced at Rs 3.7 lakh while the Celerio AMT comes in with two trim levels priced at Rs 4.2 lakh and Rs 4.5 lakh.

When it comes to engine options both come with three-cylinder, 1.0-litre engines with 67 bhp on offer. The fact that both are quite light means that there is enough power and both feel quite nimble making them perfect cars to drive in the city. The Celerio is only slightly heavier than the K10.

The differences emerge when you drive both and realize the AMT in the K10 offers smoother shifts and feels better to use than the one in the Celerio. The updated AMT gearbox in the K10 works very well and you will find navigating through traffic a painless affair.

When it comes to mileage again both are extremely efficient with the K10 giving 24.07 kmpl while the Celerio will give 23.1 kmpl (official figures). The change comes when comparing variants and features. If you are deciding between the Celerio LXi and K10 VXi AMT then our choice would be the K10 for more features.

The Alto K10 comes with features like Integrated (in-dash) Music System, CD/MP3/FM player, USB plus essentials like central locking which are not present on the Celerio. Higher up the Celerio range and the other variant to have the AMT option is the Celerio VXi which has many of the required features like front/rear power windows (K10 has front only) but misses out on the music system.

Overall we feel the Celerio comes across as a better family hatch with more space plus it looks a lot bigger than the Alto K10. The Alto K10 is the more VFM option and is also more fun. Either ways with these two Maruti will continue to have a firm grip on the small car segment.

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