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Diesel Vehicles Show Improvements in JD Power Initial Quality Study

By   |   27 November,2014

While diesel vehicle sales in India have increased over the past five years, quality has also improved as the number of problems new-vehicle owners are reporting with their diesel vehicles have decreased significantly, according to the J.D. Power 2014 India Initial Quality Study (IQS).

The study measures problems owners experience with their new vehicle during the first two to six months of ownership and examines more than 200 problem symptoms covering eight vehicle categories. All problems are summarized as the number of problems per 100 vehicles (PP100). Lower PP100 scores indicate a lower rate of problem incidence and higher initial quality. Diesel vehicle sales in India have increased by 16% in 2014, compared with 2010, while initial quality has improved as the number of problems with diesel vehicles have decreased to 96 PP100 in 2014 from 148 PP100 in 2010. The categories that the IQS covers are engine and transmission; vehicle exterior; driving experience; HVAC; features, controls and displays; vehicle interior; seats; and audio, entertainment and navigation.

———Overall, the industry has made significant strides on improving the quality of diesel vehicles, especially on core vehicle systems. However, with the development of public transportation in India, coupled with an increase in carpooling, owners are driving fewer kilometers, helping to reduce the number of overall problems with diesel vehicles.——— said Mohit Arora, Executive Director, J.D. Power Asia Pacific, Singapore.

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