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Automatic hatchback cars in India

  28 November,2014

The time has finally come when Indians have started considering automatic options more than ever while buying a new car and this trend is not limited to sedans or SUVs only. With the arrival of affordable automatic transmissions in our market, even hatch buyers have started looking for convenient automatic options.

If you are also one of those prospective buyers who is determined to buy an automatic hatch and want to check out all the available options with proper insights in detail then this article will be a great help for you. Read out to know all the automatic hatchbacks available in our market along with their prices and specifications.

Maruti Alto K10

Thanks to Marutis advent with AMT in India, now options start from as low as INR 3.80 lakhs. Yes, Maruti Alto K10 AMT is currently the most affordable hatchback available in our market. It features a 5-speed AMT which is coupled with Marutis renowned 1.L K-series engine churning out a power and torque output of 67bhp and 90Nm.

Maruti Celerio

Second option is also from Maruti, Celerio which debuted with AMT technology in India at this years Auto Expo and it was the first car to bring this technology to India. This car is also only available with the 1.0L K-series engine and has similar technical specifications of Alto K10. The automatic version of Maruti Celerio contributes to half of its sales in India and it's available in two variants which are priced at INR4.19lakhs and INR 4.48lakhs respectively.

Maruti Ritz

Now comes another Maruti but a bit more expensive and powerful than its younger siblings. Also unlike them, Ritz features a proper 4-speed automatic gearbox rather than an AMT which supplies 85bhp of power and 113Nm of torque to its front wheels. The automatic gearbox is only available with its 1.2L K-series petrol engine in the Vxi variant which is priced at INR 5.76lakhs.

Hyundai Grand i10

Ritz is closely followed by its prime competitor, Hyundai Grand i10 which is also available with a 4-speed automatic gearbox coupled with its 1.2L petrol Kappa unit. This engine has a power and torque output of 81bhp and 112Nm and is available in two top variants, Sportz and Asta which are priced competitively at INR 5.67lakhs and 5.94lakhs respectively.

Honda Brio

Brio is Hondas only automatic hatchback in India which is a bit more expensive than its rivals but is more powerful as well. Its automatic variant, Vx is priced at INR5.99lakhs and is powered by a 1.2L 4-cylinder engine which has a power and torque output of 87bhp and 109Nm respectively . Unlike its rivals which have 4-speed auto gearbox, Brio gets its power from a 5-speed automatic gearbox making it more enthusiastic than others which is quite evident in its performance especially on highways.

Nissan Micra

Micra is also lined-up in the competition with its CVT gearbox making it the only hatchback in India to be available with CVT. This CVT is only served with its 1.2L, 3-cylinder petrol engine which has a power and torque output of 76 bhp and 104Nm. Nissan offers the CVT in the top variant only which makes Micra more expensive than its rivals. It's priced at INR 6.52 lakhs and ends up finishing only second to the most expensive and powerful hatchback in India. Can you guess it?

Volkswagen Polo GT TSI

Yes, its Volkswagen Polo GT TSI with a price tag of INR 8.18lakhs is currently the most expensive and powerful hatchback available in our market. Polo is the only hatch in India to be equipped with an advanced 7-speed DSG along with a 1.2L TSI petrol engine. This unit is taken from its elder sibling, Vento and shares similar power and torque output of 103 bhp and 175 Nm making it an absolute blast on our Indian roads. (all prices, ex-showroom, Delhi).

Now that you know which all automatic hatchbacks are available in our market then pick up the best for yourself. But before buying make up your mind if you need a CVT or a gearbox with fixed gear ratios then only consider them one by one. But to sum up, if you enjoy driving the most then nothing beats Polo GT TSI but if you are extremely tight on budget then AMTs are always awaiting you.

Words- Nitesh Sharma

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