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Vehicles Older than 15 Years to be Barred from Delhi Roads

By   |   30 November,2014

Due to the progressively worsening air quality in the Indian capital city of New Delhi, the National Green Tribunal (NGT) has ordered a set of 14 rules to try and address the issue. The one with the most impact among these is the order that states that no petrol- or diesel-fuelled vehicle with an age in excess of 15 years shall be allowed to ply on Delhi roads.

This verdict will directly affect around 10 lakh vehicles in Delhi as they will not receive fitness certificates or renewed registrations from the RTOs. Apart from taking steps to seize such vehicles, the NGT ruling will ensure a more stringent surveillance on overloaded vehicles and parking. Other welcome measures include the construction of bicycle paths in many parts of Delhi and the possibility of installation of air purifiers at bustling marketplaces.

The NGT allows any civilian to call and complain to the DPCC (Delhi Pollution Control Committee), the Delhi Police or the NGT themselves about anything that results in causing air pollution in the city. The DPCC has also been instructed to build a website where anybody can upload images of pollution-causing violations. These steps are long overdue but now that they are being implemented in Delhi, it could pave the way for the rest of the country to follow in the near future as well.

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