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India-bound Hyundai ix25 Aces Crash Tests

By   |   05 January,2015

The Hyundai ix25, a compact SUV that will soon find its way to Indian shores, was put through a series of crash tests by the Chinese division of the New Car Assessment Programme (C-NCAP) and came out with flying colours. The ix25 was awarded the highest rating of 5 stars. Hyundai is already testing the ix25 in India and preparing for a launch sometime in 2015.

The crash tests included 4 different types of collisions to measure how safe the occupants would be in the event of an accident. These subjected the car to a 100% overlap frontal impact, a 40% overlap frontal impact, a side impact and whiplash tests. In the 100% and 40% overlap frontal impact tests, the car was smashed into a barrier at 50 kph and 64 kph respectively. Out of 18 points in both, the ix25 scored 15.89 and 14.11 points respectively.

The side impact test consisted of a mobile barrier that rammed the car at a speed of 50 kph and in this test, out of 18 points, the ix25 scored full. The whiplash test measured how well the driver seat and its restraint system protected the driver against whiplash (a type of neck injury) and, once again, the ix25 lost no points at all.

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