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NAIAS 2015: Honda NSX Image Gallery

By   |   12 January,2015

What we have here is the new 2016 Honda NSX. From the front, it definitely looks like a sportscar with all its sharp edges, low stance and intakes on the bonnet and just behind the doors.

The NSX was actually a really capable sportscar which died out a few years ago. However, the Japanese car maker has now revived it. At the back, its diffuser and massive, centrally positioned exhaust pipe are clearly seen.

With its rakish roofline, flared wheel arches and fantastic looking matte black alloys, the car leaves no doubt from its appearance that it can go pretty quick. And we must say, it looks really cool in red!

As with all sportscars these days, the new NSX has a flat bottomed steering wheel. An idea borrowed from Formula1 cars, this steering wheel also has a lot of buttons on it to control features like voice control, cruise control, phone and so on.

From the centre console, the driver can operate the power button, the electronic parking brake and the integrated dynamics system dial control, among others. The information is displayed on an LCD screen mounted on top of the centre console.

Since the NSX is a high performance car, it comes equipped with sports seats that provide a lot of support, especially at the sides to prevent the occupant from sliding off during hard cornering. The red upholstery looks racy as well.

Through the transparent engine cover, one can see the twin turbocharged V6 heart of the NSX and its 9 speed, dual clutch transmission. The engine also has a three electric motor sport hybrid system that reportedly results in a power output of over 550 bhp.

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