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The Coolest Feature in The New Tata Hexa is———

By   |   11 October,2016

The Tata Hexa is a much awaited MPV and the successor to the older Tata Aria. We have seen this vehicle in some form or the other since 2014 but now, the Indian vehicle manufacturer is finally readying up for its official launch, which in all likeness will happen in January 2017.

We already know about the engines and features the Hexa will come with but, there is one particular feature that we need to speak about at length, especially since the Hexa will be the only vehicle in its class to be equipped with it. We are talking about what Tata refers to as the Superdrive modes. These are different driving modes that the driver can toggle between using a knob in the centre console, depending on the terrain and driving condition. Using the knob, the driver can choose between Comfort, Dynamic, Rough Road and Automatic modes.

Comfort mode

The Comfort mode provides for a comfortable drive. In this mode, the engine of the Tata Hexa will deliver power in a linear fashion, allowing constant cruising speeds on the highway and improving control without loss of ride comfort. It is especially helpful when used during long journeys on highways.

Dynamic mode

Maximum power output is delivered when the knob is set to Dynamic. In this mode, acceleration is quicker than other modes, useful for quick overtakes. One other significant aspect of this mode is that the electronic stability program (ESP) of the vehicle kicks in at the last possible moment, only if the sensors detect that control of the vehicle is about to be lost.

Rough Road mode

The Hexa, in the Rough Road mode, allows the driver to traverse across challenging off-road terrain or drive over other unyielding obstacles. Braking performance is also tuned to support rough surfaces, causing wheel lock-ups to occur in a controlled manner. This mode also optimizes the stability of the vehicle.

Automatic mode

In Automatic mode, the vehicle detects the sort of terrain it is driving over and automatically adapts various parameters to deliver an optimum performance. With a focus on stability and traction at all times, the Automatic mode of the new Hexa is also well balanced in terms of both power and safety.

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