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Why you should wait for the Jeep Compass

By   |   04 January,2017

As far as SUVs are concerned, one of the most awaited of this year just has to be the Jeep Compass. After the introduction of the Jeep Brand, the Compass is the big one and the one that Jeep is pinning its hopes on. The basics are tantalizing with aggressive pricing expected below Rs 25 lakh which means it will undercut current SUVs in that price bracket.

This pricing would be possible with high levels of localisation keeping costs in check as the Compass will be built at the Ranjangaon plant outside Pune. The cachet of the Jeep brand is something that the Compass has and that will be a huge advantage plus there is the typical Jeep styling which will endear to many. It has tonnes of presence and size wise it is around the same as the Tucson however unlike that, the pukka SUV looks are very much here with no crossover-ish lines.

The Compass is a 5-seater and a spacious one at that. As you might expect, the seats are comfy also. One area where the Compass will also have an edge will be the features list. A massive touchscreen plus LED instruments along with the usual gamut of features like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, navigation, powered liftgate etc

A 2.0-litre diesel will be the mainstay of the range while a 1.4 petrol will also be offered. The range starter will be a 6-speed manual 4x2 while the 4x4 will get the full list of off-roading goodies which will separate the Compass from its direct rivals. There will be a full-time 4x4 system with the Jeep Selec-Terrain system, providing modes like Auto, Snow, Sand and Mud.

There is no doubt that the Compass looks like an unbeatable package and looks all set to steal the thunder from current SUVs in its class.

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