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Volkswagen Tiguan AllSpace First Review

By   |   10 March,2017

At the 87th edition of the Geneva Motor Show currently underway in Switzerland, German automotive colossus Volkswagen has debuted a new version of their Tiguan SUV. This vehicle, called the Tiguan AllSpace, is longer than the standard Tiguan, and comes with 7 seats.

The AllSpace name is there because of the fact that this vehicle is 215mm longer than its standard version, and its wheelbase is 110mm more as well. This has enabled the company to fit an extra row of seats at the back. VW says that the last row can be folded flat to make way for a 730 litre boot, and if you fold down the middle row as well, the cargo carrying capacity of the SUV rises to 1,770 litres.

VW will put the Tiguan AllSpace on sale with a wide selection of petrol and diesel engines that produce power outputs ranging between 150 hp and 239 hp. For India, the company is already conducting tests of the standard Tiguan and it will hit the showrooms initially with a 2.0 litre, 4 cylinder, turbocharged diesel motor that delivers 177 bhp. 4WD will also be offered on the larger AllSpace model when it goes on sale. This model will be kitted out with a 7 speed, twin clutch, DSG automatic transmission and all wheel drive as well.

On the outside, the Tiguan AllSpace does not look all that different from the standard Tiguan, barring the extra length and a slightly longer bonnet. Due to the longer profile, the rear windows are larger for the AllSpace as well. All in all, Volkswagen has given the vehicle its typically understated and dignified German appearance and it will be generously endowed in the features department as well. When VW launches this SUV in India, it will plug the rather wide hole that currently exists in the model range of the company in the Indian automotive space.

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