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Renault Duster Petrol CVT Launching Soon

By   |   15 February,2017

French car maker Renault will be adding a new variant to their massively successful Duster line-up in India. In the coming months, prospective buyers will be able to purchase a Duster with a CVT automatic gearbox. This transmission unit will be made available in the petrol version only.

This is unlike the diesel version of the Duster which is provided with a 6 speed, Easy-R, AMT automatic. The engine in this SUV will be the same as that which powers the petrol MT version of the vehicle, a 1.6 litre, 4 cylinder K4M petrol motor that puts out 103 bhp and a peak torque of 148 Nm. Duster customers have always tipped more in favour of the diesel version of the vehicle but now, with the addition of an automatic gearbox option, Renault hopes to boost sales of the petrol version as well.

When the vehicle hits the showrooms in a couple of months, we expect it to be sold in the higher trim levels so as to provide a fully-loaded package. CVT units also provide a better fuel economy than conventional automatic transmissions, which will definitely be a USP of this new vehicle. The new trend of car buyers in India to gravitate towards petrol-powered models is another reason for the decision of Renault to bring in a petrol automatic version of the Duster.

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