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Audi India Commences 2017 Season of the Audi Q Drive

By   |   15 March,2017

Audi has announced the 2017 season of its immensely popular experiential driving program, the Audi Q drive. The 6th edition of the multi-city Audi Q Drive program will be held across 30 dealer locations in India with 35 events overall planned for this year.

Audi enthusiasts in these cities will get an opportunity to experience the legendary Quattro technology of the Q range of Audi SUVs, the Q7, Q5 and the Q3. Travelling across the country, the Audi Q drive is executed on a custom-built off-roading track, designed keeping in mind the key attributes and features of the Audi Q range. Customers enjoy driving on specially made off-road track and manoeuvre obstacles such as hill climbing, hill descend, slush, acceleration, braking, rumbler pads, axle twister, articulation and tilt angle. Over 9,000 customers have participated in this program since its inception in India.

Rahil Ansari, Head, Audi India, said: Customer engagement is at the centre of Audi strategy as the brand with four rings reloads in India. Engagement for us goes beyond the routine test drives. We clearly want to create memorable experiences for customers while letting them test the prowess of Audi vehicles on individually designed Audi tracks. The Audi Q Drive is specifically created to showcase the Quattro capabilities of the popular Audi SUVs on a custom-built off-road track.

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