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Renault Kwid Climber vs Kwid

  17 March,2017

The Kwid is proving to be the biggest ever jackpot for Renault in our Indian car market. This entry level car has redefined the image and meaning of an entry level car in India. The Kwid is already in the list of top 10 selling cars of India and to increase their dominance in this segment and to attract even more buyers towards it, Renault is now building up the Kwid brand with launch of Climber variant which is addition to the already available, 800cc and 1.0L variants of Kwid. What is new in this variant and how is it different from the existing variants is what we try to tell you from this article.

Styling and Dimensions

The biggest USP of Kwid from day one is its SUV type looks which got the attention of Indian buyers and separated this car from the crowd. The new Climber technically is exact the same as standard car apart few funky styling elements which brings fresh look to this variant. The climber variant comes standard with new additions which include a new front bumper with black cladding around fog lamp housing, faux skid plate with orange inserts which makes this car look even more macho and funkier than the standard car which is an already attractive looking car with its rugged styling such as all around cladding roof rails and bold front grille. Apart from the faux skid, there are other parts as well in the climber variant which now gets orange colored inserts such as roof rails and side mirrors with orange colored side indicators. The Climber variant also gets a new blue exterior shade which complements the overall appearance of this car

When seen from side, the biggest difference between the Climber variant and standard car is that the Climber variant gets normal black colored door cladding same as 800cc variant while the 1.0L version gets the checkered graphics on both side. The Climber variant also gets first on Kwid alloy wheels which surely enhance the sporty look of this car. Apart from these, the whole accessory list remains the same for Kwid as before which buyers can opt for at dealer level. The Kwid measures 3679mm in length, 1579mm in width and 1478mm in height. The Kwid rides on 13-inch wheels and has a high ground clearance of 180mm with a wheelbase of 2400mm. It also has a boot capacity of 300L which is surely one of its biggest advantages.

Heart matters?

The Climber variant is exclusively available with the 1.0L engine which is a 3-cylinder, 4-valve, DOHC petrol engine capable of producing a peak power and torque output of 67bhp@5500rpm and 91Nm@4250rpm. This engine is mated with a five-speed manual gearbox which is also available with a 5-speed AMT gearbox. The car weighs only 699Kg which gives it the highest power to weight ratio in it class and the car comes with a claimed mileage of 23.01km/ltr. The Kwid is also available with a smaller 800cc, 3-cylinder engine which churns out a peak power and torque output of 53bhp and 72Nm respectively and comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox only. This engine has an ARAI mileage of 25.17 km/ltr.


The cabin of the climber variant remains unchanged and it is surely one of the most spacious cabins that you can find in its price range. The only difference in the climber variant is that it has orange accents on the gear lever, door panel, seats, and centre console and further the variant gets Climber name stitched on its seats which differentiates the new variant from the standard model. Rest all is the same and the seats are supportive with good amount of legroom and headroom. The centre touchscreen infotainment system and digital instrument display are some unique features which you will not find in any other car in this segment. Since the climber variant only comes in top variant so it is fully loaded with features such as pre-tensioners and load limiters in seat belts which further add more value to this well equipped car, driver side air-bag, A.C, keyless entry and few other features as well.

Which one to buy?

Overall you should buy the Climber. The price difference between the standard 1.0L, Kwid and Climber is merely 25K and the manual and AMT variant are priced at INR 4.30lakhs and INR 4.60lakhs respectively (All prices, ex-showroom, Delhi). The car is added with new styling features and gets alloy wheels as well. Consider Climber as top off the line variant which differentiates you from other Kwids on road which undoubtedly is a very good car. It is powerful enough with spacious interiors and is priced very competitively. What else do you need to find a car which suits your daily needs, fits in your budget and turns head too? Moreover, it is also available with an AMT gearbox and a smaller fuel efficient engine. It seems to be the best deal you can buy for yourself these days; it is completely worth to buy any of the Kwid variants.

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