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You have to pay more for Maruti Ciaz and Ertiga now

By Motor Trend Staff   |   03 April,2017

Currently in the Maruti range the Ciaz and Ertiga have the SHVS mild hybrid system which entitled them to have a benefit of Rs 13,000 on the on-road price due to the FAME Scheme benefits but that been removed now as it has been announced that the FAME scheme subsidies to mild hybrids have been removed. Thus while prices for both of these popular cars with the SHVS tech will increase slightly demand will not be affected and neither will it affect the strategy of the car-maker to launch more mild hybrids in the future.

Maruti will equip more cars in the future with the SHVS tech as Ciaz when launched with SHVS tech became more popular and has been the most efficient car in India. Strictly speaking these cars are not hybrids in the true sense but they are more efficient and are promoting efficiency with tech like a start/stop system and regenerative braking. Interestingly the Ciaz has been recently moved to the NEXA sales outlets for a premium sales experience.

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