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Review- Jaguar Art of Performance Tour

By   |   09 April,2017

The Jaguar India brand director spoke at length at what makes a Jaguar different from other luxury cars. The combination of luxury and performance plus the power of seduction when you enter a Jaguar, for example the Jaguar handshake- little things that make it different and unique.

Those things come to my mind again as I am pushing the gigantic XJ through a slalom course and generally amazed at how this big limo handles with such elan. The cabin is beautifully put together with a sense of occasion rivaling cars costing more than double. However while the XJ is built for the rear seat experience, the Jaguar Art of Performance Tour is all about fun behind the wheel. I was there in Aamby Valley where this drive experience was kicked off from, on the 7th. The agenda is simple- drive all the Jaguar cars in a series of drive experience events. If that is not your idea of a fun day then I do not know what is. The Art of Performance Tour will take place across India and has 32 drive experiences.

I would say I had real good fun with all the cars and all the drive experiences on offer demonstrated the abilities of the car in a safe and controlled environment. My favourite part involved one of my favourite cars- yup the F-Type. The speed run involved going flat-out in the F-Type and getting to know the monstrous V8 lurking underneath that shapely hood. Over a short distance I managed an easy 220 km/h in the F-Type Coupe V8 and the noise, well, is just magnificent. Other than the F-Type as said earlier I also sampled the F-Pace, XE and the new XF plus the XJ through a slalom run and a sudden lane change to check the cars agility and its braking. These are just some of the driving experiences that are on offer and thus if you are looking to buy a luxury car or even a Jaguar do sign up for this, it is huge fun!

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