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Ford Figo Sports launching soon

  10 April,2017

Finally the enthusiasts are getting their due with recent launch of the Maruti Baleno RS now Ford is readying its Figo and Figo Aspire Sports in India. Just like the Baleno RS styling wise it will get the full Sport treatment with smoked headmaps, bigger black alloys and a grille plus a rear spoiler and a sportier interior.

But the question is do you get more power? Well the diesel Figo in current form is already fast and instead Ford has worked on other parameters. The suspension has been stiffened and it is lowered also. Whether the engine or gearbox has been tweaked is something which we will know soon when we drive it within a few days time. But the Figo Sports will certainly find takers and as we have already said the diesel is one of the most fun hatches below Rs 10 lakhs. Just like the Baleno RS it will be available in top-end trim only.

Words- Sunil Kumar

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