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Volvo S60 Polestar launched at Rs 52.5 lakh

  14 April,2017

Volvo has launched its performance brand Polestar in India with the S60 Polestar being priced at Rs 52.5 lakh. The S60 Polestar packs in more power and also looks more sportier. Under the hood you will find a 2.0 four-cylinder petrol engine which makes 367hp and 470Nm. Gearbox duties are handled by a 8-speed automatic. The engine of course belongs to the Drive-E powertrain and replaces the earlier 3.0 engine. The car is also lighter than its predecessor.

As you might expect it is quite fast with a zero to 100kmh sprint in 4.7 seconds along with a top-speed of 250kmh. Which is fast by any standard. Other changes include a bigger turbo, a supercharger, new conrods, new camshafts, a larger air intake, a higher capacity fuel pump, BorgWarner four-wheel drive system, new 20 inch lightweight rim, Polestar calibrated electro-assisted power steering and a new slotted brake disc of 371 millimetres. Inside you get sports seats, leather, carbon fibre. For the price this hot S60 does pack in a lot of firepower and in the end this is a practical sedan and also one of the safest (It is a Volvo after all..) along with being fast.

Words- Sunil Kumar

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