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Mahindra launches XUV500 with new features

  19 April,2017

Mahindra has launched the XUV500 with new features. There is an all new urbane Lake-Side Brown colour plus there are black interiors now. Other big changes though are addition of Android Auto, Connected Apps, Ecosense and Emergency Call. The new Lake-Side Brown colour and Black interiors are in the W10 variant.

Oh there is also One Touch Lane Change Indicator. Connected Apps is there in the infotaimment system where you have Apps like Gaana, Cricket Live, Zomato, Book My Show and others. The user can access these apps through the infotainment system even if these are not available in the mobile device. This requires the user to connect the infotainment system with a wi-fi hot spot. Ecosense is useful for giving tips on reducing consumption. For every trip, the user gets an Ecoscore out of 100, based on driving parameters like ——— speed, gear selection, acceleration, idling, clutch override and aggressive breaking. During the trip, the infotainment system keeps displaying an instantaneous Ecoscore and an average Ecoscore.

Ecosense Technology allows the user to share his/her Ecoscore on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. The user gets easy access to the Ecosense data and history on the infotainment system as well as on the Bluesense app and the With You Hamesha website. Finally it also gets E-Call in the XUV500 is a first-in-class feature that provides access to emergency services in the unfortunate event that airbags get deployed. This feature automatically calls the emergency service and also sends a text alert to 2 pre-set numbers through a paired mobile phone. These features are available from W6 variant onwards.

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