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Should you buy the Nissan Sunny CVT?

  24 April,2017

Nissan has slashed prices of its Sunny is something you have heard and that means the Sunny CVT is the most affordable CVT equipped sedan in India. The base variant now stars at Rs 6.99 lakh but the real deal is the CVT which now starts at Rs 8.99 lakh. That is a huge price cut and nearly Rs 2 lakh less now! Thus the most expensive Sunny is now priced on par with some compact sedans.

Yes what you are getting is a full sized sedan for compact sedan money. The Sunny CVT XV variant comes with a 1.5 petrol with 99 bhp and 134Nm along with a 5-speed CVT gearbox. Being the top-end variant the Sunny CVT gets everything you need and want with climate control, rear camera display, Electrically Adjustable Door Mirrors, Electric Park and Fold Door Mirrors, Bluetooth, steering controls, follow me headlamps, dual airbags and ABS etc.

The positive points of the Sunny continue to be the huge space and comfort. Now it is even better value since its direct rivals now cost way more. The price has been attributed to the increased localisation and in this competitive market this move might do the trick. The CVT variant is hassle free and you are getting a spacious, well equipped sedan, thus do look at the Nissan Sunny CVT if you are looking for an automatic sedan as it is an underrated car!

Words- Sunil Kumar

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