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New BMW 5 Series India launch on 29 June

By   |   05 June,2017

BMW will launch its new 5 Series on the 29th of this month. This is the new generation model and is hugely important considering the big numbers it brings in. Design wise it is an evolution rather than revolution but the big news is that the 5 is now much closer in terms of luxury and tech with big brother 7. The previous or rather the current one has been the most successful model and new one aims to better that most likely being also one of the best selling cars in the India line-up.

A lot of the features from the 7 are lifted plus the new look cabin is much more luxurious and more premium. The rear seat is better than the current one too. In terms of engines BMW will offer three with two diesel and one petrol engine. The big sales would be from the 2.0 diesel while the top-end 3.0 diesel and the petrol 530i will also do good numbers. In terms of prices expect a slight premium over the current model but BMW will keep them competitive especially with cut-throat competition. A hotter M5 will be introduced after its worldwide debut.

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