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Volkswagen Tiguan SUV- Should you buy?

By   |   10 June,2017

Volkswagen has always appealed to a niche audience- for those who want to be discreet but also not compromise on luxury and features. Being restrained is the approach taken by Volkswagen for its Jetta/ Passat and now Tiguan. With a starting price of near Rs 28 lakh, it is not cheap and is more expensive than other 5-seater SUVs but is also slightly cheaper than the offering from the German luxury car brands.

This it occupies a niche and having driven it, there is plenty to like about this SUV. First of all is the sober styling which is classy but not loud or extravagant which is pure VW. It is a pure SUV with no curves and similarly the interiors have superb quality but the all black look is sober and minimalistic. For a 5-seater it is spacious but the talking point is the equipment as VW has crammed in a lot. In-fact there is no sparse, entry-level model as there are two trims- Comfortline and Highline. The Comfortline is very generously equipped while the Highline goes one step further. Simply put the interior quality, features are a match for a Rs 60 lakh SUV.

It drives well too with a poise of a VW. The sole 143 bhp 2.0 diesel is up-to the job while the 7-speed automatic DSG is terrific. It is smooth and also rides very well. AWD system is standard and the Tiguan drives as well as a Volkswagen with good body control. In other words it is filled with all the traits we associate with Volkswagens.

The Rs 28 lakh one is already well equipped and at price, it offers superb value. Yes it may not have the snob value like the entry-level SUVs from German luxury brands and it may be more expensive than a Tucson or even lack the butch looks of a Fortuner but it a brilliantly competent product. It does everything well, but for me the interior quality, features elevate it to a new class. So yes, give the Tiguan a long hard look before you buy another SUV.

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