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Mercedes launches GLA facelift

  05 July,2017

Mercedes-Benz has launched its 7th new product and it is its most affordable SUV named as the GLA. The GLA facelift sports new bumpers, new grille and new alloys. Plus there is a new Canyon Beige colour among the total five options. The previous bi-xenon headlamps have made way for LED headlamps. Mercedes also offers a customisation kit with a roof box, more rugged styling, decals etc.

Inside there is a new 8-inch media display plus there are new gauges with red needles. The controls for switches on the electric seat adjustment in the doors have been given small yet effective highlights in silver chrome - and the stowage compartment in the center console is also surrounded by a chrome frame. The feature list has been tweaked as well and now you have basic luxury car features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, panoramic sunroof, ambient lighting etc

The engines will remain the same including a 2.1 litre diesel and a 2.0 litre turbo petrol. The diesel is available in two power outputs and the more powerful 220d has 168 bhp with AWD. There is a 7-speed automatic gearbox standard. The base diesel GLA 200d Style is Rs 30.65 lakh while the petrol GLA 200 Sport (higher spec) is Rs 32.2 lakh. The GLA 200d Sport is Rs 33.8 lakh while the top-end GLA 220d 4Matic is Rs 36.7 lakh. These are post GST prices and the SUV is now much cheaper thus with added features, new looks, the GLA is the perfect first time buy for those looking for a luxury SUV.

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