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How Eco-Driving Can Cut Up To 25 Percent off Your Fuel Bill

  23 June,2017

In a recent survey by Ford Motor Company, Indian drivers were asked about their driving habits and fuel efficiency knowledge. When asked about their driving habits, 95 percent claimed they knew how to drive their car for maximum fuel efficiency, and 96 percent said they make a concerted effort to drive efficiently on a daily basis. The survey covered 9,500 drivers across 11 markets in Asia Pacific, including 1,023 Indian respondents. Ford studies have investigated the influence of driving style on fuel consumption and CO2 per kilometer driven and found that by adopting an eco-driving style, drivers can slash both their fuel bill and their emissions by as much as 25 percent compared with ———normal-average——— driving behavior. Small changes to the way you drive can have a big impact on fuel economy.

———People go to extraordinary lengths to save money but then they jump in their cars and waste fuel,——— said Adam Smith, Vehicle Energy Management Engineering Manager and one of Ford———s top fuel efficiency experts in Asia Pacific. ———Eco-driving not only saves you fuel and money, it also benefits the environment and can make our roads safer for everyone.——— Some tips include driving smoothly, no speeding, no idling, Reduce aerodynamic drag, Use cruise control if you have, combine trips instead of many short trips.

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