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Why India loves the Honda City

  30 June,2017

Honda City has been the darling of the Indian car buyer and ever since its launch it has always been the best selling car for Honda in India and a brand in its own right. The new one has been the the best-selling City ever from Honda with sales of over 2.5 lakh units. The 4th generation City, which was launched in January 2014, came in with a diesel plus had a new CVT autobox. The recent update of the City has also made it again a strong seller in its class. The new top-end trim has been doing very well and the CVT is also seeing strong demand with 30 percent sales.

First launched in January 1998, Honda City has achieved sales of more than 6.8 lakh units in the Indian market. Not surprisingly India accounts for over 25% of Citys worldwide sales. Globally, the Honda City has registered cumulative sales of over 3.5 million units in more than 60 countries. Of this, over 1 Million units are attributed to the 4th Generation City.

The reason for its success is simple and that is being an excellent product having all the qualities one needs from a midsize sedan. The City has been the best car for Honda and we see it maintaining its leadership position easy in the months to come. The efficient engines, being fun to drive, spacious and also now well, equipped means the City continues to be the king.

Words- Sunil Kumar

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