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Road safety- Why Maruti driving schools are important for India

  07 July,2017

The stats are very much known to all of us. The World Health Organisation has ranked Indian roads as the most unsafe in the world with one fatality occurring every 4 minutes. Further research data reveals that over 77% of road accidents are due to driver fault, making the drivers as the major culprits. Every day, close to 30 lakh vehicles ply on our roads. Do the math.

Thus it is a serious matter that needs to be addressed at the grass-roots levels which is where the Maruti Driving schools come in. We were invited by Maruti Suzuki to its Institute of Driving Training & Research (IDTR), Sarai Kale Khan, New Delhi, to get a guided tour and a much needed update on the state of road safety in India. On hand was Mahesh Rajoria, Senior Advisor, Maruti Driving School and IDTR to explain to us the various nuances of the driving school and how it separates itself from others here. As you know most other driving schools in the country are rudimentary and do not stress importance on training a candidate in the knowledge of vehicles, safe driving techniques, and adhering to road rules. Thus there is a basic need to educate the driver.

There is requirement of quality driver education and currently Maruti driving schools offer that. There are 413 of them in India plus there are 6 for commercial driver training. The first step is of course the instructor as if the instructor himself is not well versed then he will also pass on incorrect knowledge. At Maruti driving schools, the instructor first gets a training to be able to qualify.

When you join a Maruti driving school, the basic training is for 21 days and you get a full training on the working of a car but also you are taught things like how to change a tyre etc. Of course all Maruti driving schools have a simulator where the person is first familiarised with controls. The driving school also has tracks to simulate various driving conditions and to practise driving in a safe environment. Crucially there are customised training packages for teens, senior citizens etc too. Maruti also offers its latest cars for training too. For all this the cost is not that high compared to the other ill-equipped driving schools which means we strongly suggest and recommend Maruti driving school as the correct way to start learning because safety is everything.

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