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New cars launching this month

By   |   10 July,2017

July will see quite a few new cars hitting the roads and already with the new Mercedes GLA being launched there are three more launches planned for this month. It will kick start with the Volvo V90 Cross Country on July 12 and that is the first such car in this segment. The V90 CC is basically the estate version of the S90 but along with rugged SUV styling and added ground clearance. The V90 CC would be imported and will have only one trim level with all features and one engine option. Volvo has gone big with the features with extra kit over the S90 or XC90 also.

Next is the new Skoda Octavia which is a day later on the 13th of July. The Octavia gets a facelift and one that you can easily recognise with its new headlamps and other subtle design changes. Inside you get a mild tweak and added features which add more value. The engine options remain the same.

Then there is the 1.0 Datun Redigo. Just like its sibling the Renault Kwid, the Redigo also finally gets the 1.0 motor. This would mean this already light car will be agile and better to drive now. We expect Datsun to also use this opportunity to give more features or do some distinguishing design changes over its lesser powered sibling. We also expect an AMT option.

Of course Mercedes cannot be left behind and after the GLA, it would launch the coupe version of its GLC and not just any GLC but in AMG guise. The GLC 43 AMG would be positioned below the GLE Coupe. Lastly the much awaited Jeep Compass would also be launched. Yes, it is the moment everyone has been waiting for. The Compass would be launched with one diesel engine at start with a manual gearbox with an automatic along with petrol arriving later. We expect aggressive pricing for the Compass.

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