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Datsun to take on Maruti with Redigo 1.0 and Go-Cross

By   |   17 July,2017

Datsun is ready to take on the fiercest battle in the small car space with the Redigo 1.0 which is aimed at the Alto K10. Datsun plans to price the Redigo very competitively but that is not all as in this segment ownership costs matter the most and here Datsun is offering among the lowest ownership costs to make its cars more attractive to buy. The Redigo with its crossover styling is unique and the excellent space inside also makes it a good buy but the 1.0 motor is a crucial addition and will grow sales.

Datsun however is not just concentrating on the small car space but is looking at the lucrative crossover segment. The Go-Cross was shown at the Auto Expo and had garnered huge interest. While based on the Go Plus, the Go-Cross is by far the most important model. The Go-Cross would be its most ambitious and also potentially its most rewarding model in terms of sales. The Go-Cross would be the best equipped Datsun and also the most luxurious. It will have features like a touchscreen and a more luxurious interior. The styling which is its biggest USP will be most likely retained for the production spec model. The cladding, the roof rails, the LED DRLs, the snazzy grille, all most likely should go in. Of course pricing is key and Datsun has to find a balance between the upmarket intensions of the car and its VFM quotient. We expect Datsun to price it lower than the Brezza and remember it might also have 7 seats!

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