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Land Rover Discovery Sport Petrol or Diesel?

By   |   23 July,2017

The Discovery Sport is the most appealing and certainly the most popular model in the Land Rover portfolio. Nearly as good looking as the Evoque but vastly more practical along with being better value has made this SUV a favourite with us. Prices now start at an attractive Rs 40 lakh and go all the way to Rs 50 lakh- not bad for a Land Rover. Thus we now revisit the Discovery Sport. There are two engine options- a 2.0 petrol with 237 bhp/340Nm along with a new 2.0 Ingenium diesel with 147 bhp/382Nm and 177 bhp/430Nm.

Get past the initial lag and the Discovery Sport reveals the Sport part in its name. Put the Discovery Sport in S mode however in place of the regular D mode does that with a surprisingly nice exhaust note which you do not expect this practical Land Rover to have. It is rev happy and bursts with power at the top-end thus making you pile on the revs and step on the gas at every available opportunity. In regular D mode in the city there is lag but progress at stop-go traffic is not bad and unless you push it hard, refinement is superb.

However the S mode and the noise made me increasingly addicted to this motor and I ended up driving it in quite a spirited manner. What this means is that the Discovery Sport petrol will be heavy on your wallet with single digit efficiency figures. But let us face it, if efficiency is your priority then the diesel is the better and more practical. It is down on power compared to the petrol but the diesel has better low-end punch and more torque which makes it a better cruiser though at highway speeds the petrol is not bad at all.

The petrol comes in one well equipped trim priced at Rs 48.5 lakh. To be honest, it is surprisingly fun and the superb refinement means it is the one to buy if you would be confined within city limits mostly and be driving it yourself. The diesel has more trims and more options so yes it is the more popular and the practical choice here but we still like the Discovery Sport petrol for its character and fun which the diesel does not have.

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