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Top 5 reasons to buy the Jeep Compass

By   |   31 July,2017

It looks good inside out- The Compass is one good looking SUV with a successful marriage of the rugged Jeep design which is so crucial along with modern crossover details. We love the floating roof and the butch front with the traditional Jeep grille. We like the interior quality and overall fit and finish. While not overly plush, the design is simple and rugged. The leather seats in white may not be practical but do look good.

The details- Look closely and there are many cool details that we loved. A classic Willys grille is placed at many areas in the cabin with a nod to its history. Plus there is a snake on the rear glass and a molded-plastic gecko under the windshield. Cool.

Engine, refinement, ride - The 2.0 Multijet is made here and easily is one of the highlights. Smooth power delivery enables it to be an easy car to drive in the city. You do not require much gearshifts as you ride the wave of torque. Lag is well contained and refinement is very good too. The Jeep Compass diesel gets a 6-speed manual and comes with a lovely metal finish gear knob which makes it a delight to use. The gearshift quality is also great. We have not yet driven the petrol but it has to be very good to match this. The ride is easily class best with frequency sensitive damping doing a brilliant job and it just swallows down all bad roads.

Off-road- This is a proper Jeep with stellar off-roading capabilities. The 4x4 model which is in diesel only gets a selec terrain system gives you four modes- Auto, Snow, Sand and Mud. Despite no low-range or hill descent control, it blows away its rivals here easily.

Value- There is no doubt the Compass is stunning value with prices starting at Rs 14.65 lakh. The top-end is Rs 20.65 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). This kind of pricing wipes out its rivals and as a product it is hard to think of a better car at this price.

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