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Maruti Baleno and Brezza now in top 5 selling cars

  09 August,2017

Maruti is known for its Alto and Swift as its highest selling cars but now it is time for a reality check. Both the Baleno and Vitara Brezza have been huge successes and both now are in the top 5 selling cars in India. The Baleno is not cheap- it starts from Rs 5.3 lakh and goes all the way to Rs 8.5 lakh. Yet the insatiable appetite for this car means that Maruti just cannot make enough. This month the carmakers second plant started churning out Balenos and Maruti is now attempting to lower the waiting period and meet the demand. The Baleno is now the second largest selling car- behind the Alto and for a premium hatch it its stunning numbers.

However what is even more stunning is the Vitara Brezza which is also the fourth largest selling car in India now and that for a car which the top-end is above Rs 10 lakh is just huge. The Brezza and Baleno have cemented Maruti as the No.1 car maker and have only taken away the lead. The fact that out of the top 10 cars, 7 are Marutis tells the whole story.

Words- Sunil Kumar

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