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This is the new Renault Duster!

By   |   30 August,2017

Meet the new gen Renault Duster and it is an evolution of the previous one. In other markets its sold under Dacia name and the new Duster has been carefully designed so as to keep all the elements that made the earlier one popular. It is still a rugged SUV that focusses on off-road as well as on-road unlike other crossovers. However while the dimensions are the same and the platform is the same, the styling has been revamped.

The new look is more premium with a new front and rear while the side stays the same. There are new bigger headlights while there is a new grille and new front bumper. At the back too there are new tail-lamps which looks much better along with a new rear bumper. The interiors are also changed and more premium unlike the current one which looks too utilitarian. The new Duster will not arrive soon as the current one is still doing good and Renault is focussing on the Captur SUV instead.

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