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Is Hyundai going to launch the Kona SUV in India?

By   |   06 September,2017

Hyundai has tasted success with its Creta but while it is also readying a compact SUV to be positioned below that, there is a space between the Creta and Tucson for a stylish premium crossover. That can be the Kona compact crossover. The Kona while its is shorter in length than the Creta, is lower and wider with a much more aggressive stance. The striking looks is easily the biggest highlight and the main reason why customers would be drawn into the showrooms.

Its easily the most aggressive design with its unique headlamps and proportions. Inside too its high quality with a sportier dash than the Creta. You can clearly see that while the Creta is a family SUV, the Kona, if its comes, would be a more aggressive design SUV aimed at an younger audience i.e. a perfect rival to the Jeep Compass. If it comes expect it to share engines with the Creta. The issue is the price vs size ratio. The Kona would be more aggressive and also more expensive so its not as practical as the Creta, but its the design that could make it a success. we think Hyundai should bring it here.

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