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Tata beats Mahindra in Electric car race

By   |   30 September,2017

While Mahindra has been at the forefront when it comes to EVs in India, Tata Motors has beaten them to procure a crucial order of 10,000 vehicles from the Energy Efficiency Services Ltd, part of the ministry of power under GOI. This move has been done by the Govt to replace its current cars which either run on petrol or diesel. In a race to get the order, the bidding war was between three players with Mahindra and Tata Motors being in the centre.

Tata Motors offered the lowest price for its cars and hence won the bid. The price for each of the EVs given to EESL would be Rs 11.2 lakh which is inclusive of GST and is 25 percent lower than that of another EV with a three-year warranty. Tata Motors will now deliver the cars in two phases with 500 vehicles in first phase. The cars would be most likely Tiago and Tigor. A Tiago electric car has been showcased already with 85 kW motor and 100 km range. There also have been an EV concept version of the Bolt hatch too.

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