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BMW India has sales growth thanks to 5-Series

  06 October,2017

The 5-Series has always been integral tothe BMW India as not the 3-Series but the 5-Series has been raking in the huge sales for BMW India. Now with the launch of the car some time back, BMW India is witnessing a steady sales growth. The BMW 5 Series has registered Year to Date growth of 38% in 2017 on the back of the new gen model. BMW Group India sales for 2017 (January to September) has grown by 17.3% as compared to 2016. Till date, BMW Group India has delivered 7138 cars to customers in the calendar year 2017.

Mr. Vikram Pawah, President BMW Group India said, This radical growth is a result of our all-round strategy, our resolute approach in its implementation and our absolute commitment to our customers and their needs. We are moving forward with a clear goal to be the best and set a benchmark in the industry in every aspect, with passion, performance and excellence. We are confident of continuing this momentum as we strongly believe, that leading the growth of the premium car segment in India is more important than anything, even more important than being just Number One.

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