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Why this new petrol engine is important for Ford

  06 October,2017

Yesterday Ford showcased a new petrol engine that will be replacing its current naturally aspirated 4 cylinder line-up and that would be powering its future products like the EcoSport. Yesterday was also important as it signalled many things including the commitment of Ford towards the Indian market and thus blowing away any doubts regarding its future in India. This new engine is crucial and on the face of it, Ford have been clever and are betting big on this. First of all the Sanand Engine Plant will be the lead producer of the all-new powertrain and the 1.5-litre Ti-VCT, three-cylinder petrol engine would be for both domestic and exports.

The numbers are 123 hp and 150Nm which is quite good in itself. Plus there is a 7 percent improvement in efficiency over the earlier 1.5 4 cylinder motor. There is also an aluminium block for lightweight, integrated exhaust manifold for lower NVH, timing belt in oil for reduced wear & tear amongst several changes introduced on the new engine. This engine will complement the 1.0 turbo petrol and 1.5 diesel in the new EcoSport which is coming soon. Thus needless to say with petrol engine getting popular and high localisation content in this new petrol motor, Ford is ready to take on its rivals in a big way.

Words- Sunil Kumar

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